Circle One
    from here to there and back again
    helping you to be all you were created to be
Coaching focuses on reflection and enlightenment so you can discover and actively
achieve your goal.  Various reasons for consulting a personal life coach may

  • Career direction/motivation
  • Creative stress management
  • Actively manage pain or illness
  • Setting your next personal goal
  • Discovering spiritual meaning in your life
  • Developing effective parenting skills
  • Improving relationship strategies: family, business associates, friends
  • Better decision making
  • Altering your personal self-talk

Being held accountable for whatever changes or decisions that you make in a
positive, gentle, and encouraging way is a critical component of effective personal
life coaching.  Understanding the reasons behind a desired change is often
necessary to make that change.  A coach facilitates that understanding for you.  
Circle One life-coaching enables you to link the gap between the current situation
and your objective.  It is the time of being in the gap that the most learning and the
greatest growth takes place.  

You have heard the expression, “It is not the place you are going to but the journey
to get there that counts.”  This is true of that gap between letting go of the trapeze,
(your current situation), the flying through the air with the greatest of ease, (the
gap), until you reach the next trapeze, (your objective).  

Circle One life coaching will provide you with the safety net of support and tools,
while you fly through the gap, for achieving your goals.  Whether you choose
Power of Your Power – A Shamanic Way of coaching, your objectives and goals
will be facilitated in a way that is tailored to your unique magnificent self.
What exactly is a life coach and why would anyone need one?  
If you have these questions perhaps Circle One can help you find the answers.
Don’t we live life every day without benefit of a “coach”?