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A Shamanic Way is a primer to the Shamanic experience.  Filled with basic tips,
recipes, and stories for learning ancient ways of ceremony.  Shamanism is an ancient
form of ceremony based energy work dating back 40,000 years or more.  As people
came together to form communities Shamanism emerged as the first healing practice,
the first religion; a very earth based belief system with people tied closely to the earth,
elements, and the seasons for all their needs.  

Shamanic cultures exist globally even today, and the basic Shamanic methods are the
same on every continent.  A Soul Retrieval performed by a Siberian Shaman will have
all the same elements as one performed by an African Shaman.  

This book gives you the whys, the wherefores, the method (recipes), and amusing
stories for this basic Shamanic practice.  You will have the tools and understanding for
honoring the directions and the elements, for creating a Sacred Circle, for enhancing
your life and personal energy center by performing your own Sacred Ceremonies.
A Shamanic Way:
Rituals, Rattles, and Recipes
Awakening Your Inner Spirit

Penny Randall