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Me & Pinga
A Yelp Reviw
I was married last year. Finding a shaman is not easy, specially one that could help designed the ceremony in
the Aztec Tradition.
Penny Randall was exceptionally warm and caring, willing to travel and very patient.
My husband and I are very grateful to Circle One, and Penny for their help.

With a Grateful Heart I thank my good friend and sister from another mother Penny Randall C.Ht
(Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Healer) AKA Dog Whisperer.

Long story short Diva our 14 year old retired GDA lab stopped eating 10 days ago and became very withdrawn. A
serious matter. Doctor could only find an ear infection and ordered $1200 worth of tests.... OUCH! I felt she was in
depression because of our new puppy.

Two days ago I was at Kathleen Kenneally 's Healing LIght Event and chatting with Penny, a Shamanic
practitioner, and I shared with her the story and expressed my concerns for Diva. Jokingly I said to her "I think
Diva needs a Soul Retrieval". Penny said I'll check in with her next week....... I was just joking. Who ever heard of
dog getting a "soul retrieval".... In the meantime Diva continued to regress and not eat. But this morning Penny
woke me up with a call to tell me that she "connected with Diva and wanted to share what she was told by
Diva........ Ok, honestly ..... I love Penny and respect her work but really? She talked to my dog? So what followed
was unbelievable. She told me she had asked Diva if the new puppy was the reason she was so melancholy and not
eating, diva said no. Diva proceeded to tell Penny that she misses Melissa my daughter and that they don't spend
time together like they used to anymore. ( which is true).....

Penny then told Diva that Melissa is working a lot these days. And Diva continued to tell her that yes but Melissa
and her ( Diva) would often go to the beach together and they don't go to the beach anymore..... WOW!!! that blew
me away for this too was true!!!!!! Penny also told me that I needed to open her Chakras so as to unblock her chi.
She also told me that Diva needs one on one time so that she has a reason to be here

So immediately I proceeded to call my daughter and she assured me she would spend more time with Diva, pick
her up later today take her for the rest of the week and beach on Sunday. I then assured Diva of the plans, opened
her chakras ( all but her crown and third eye were blocked ) I was successful in opening all of them and told her
she would be bathed today in preparation to be with her love, Melissa. Diva's attitude changed, her countenance
changed. She became engaged and SHE ATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fool I am ....of course..... in our sacred writings we have been told that all that has been created was soul
first. Of course my dog has a soul and is receptive like any human soul. And of course a precious creature would
be more in tune to prayer.

Thank you my friend, Penny Randall and if anyone is ever in need of a Dog / Cat or even a Mouse whisperer
contact my kind hearted Shaman friend Penny Randall.
No headache this morning, is that crazy or what!! I’m serious I’ve had a headache for almost two weeks!
You are amazing!!

ML Yelp Reviw

I trust and believe in hypnotherapy because of my experiences with Penny.

After a very difficult breakup I knew it would take more than just myself to understand the root of my own faults
and shortcomings. Talk psychotherapy just didn't seem to cut it. I met with penny and we began to work and I began
to see improvements and it was amazing, hypnotherapy is by no means something that is a magic fix and it took me
more than one time. It was unexplainable how my sense of self improved as we worked through deep deep rooted
issues and fears of mine.

Penny is honest and supportive and really made me feel comfortable in opening up and allowing the power of
hypnotherapy in.

Like anything where we open ourselves up to being vulnerable to another this was no different. I can honestly say
that in the deepest sense of myself I feel acceptance and that is something no other type of therapy has helped me
Thank you Penny. Thank you.

Receiving a Soul Retrieval was exactly what I needed. Although I had no expectations, afterwards I felt a deep
sense of relief and my heart didn't feel so 'heavy'. I feel  more at peace with myself and my relationships.
Thank you Rev Penny. -CBH

Dearest Penny,

Gosh - thanks so much for the Soul Retrieval!  It has been an amazing journey since integration of parts.

Lots of love to you!

I hope you are doing well!

Kimberly Barclay, Certified Life and Career Coach
Moment Connections

Penny is very professional and I truly feel I benefited from a "soul retrieval" she performed for me... I am very
blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. TL
Penny helped me so much through Soul Retrieval and Hypnotherapy.  Every week as more was revealed I cried a
lot but it was all about releasing many years of not expressing my feelings.  She worked with me on my many fears
and doubts.  I began to feel more open and receptive to change and began to feel better.  This has been a wonderful
experience of exploration of self.  I am discovering who I truly am.  I now feel more confident in my decision
making and dealing with life more easily.  I'm learning to trust and believe in myself.   Thank you Penny, for
helping me face the world with fresh and new insights.  In love and light.   Colleen
Love Circle One, Love Penny !

It was suggested that I try their hypnotherapy. It is improving my confidence and giving me peace of mind. I am
so thankful for all she has done for me and continues to help me with! Penny is very kind and warm hearted. A
truly wonderful human being.

The entire staff where their office is located at
Kenneally are extremely caring.

Much appreciation , Bobbi
In just a matter of weeks, Penny helped me change years of negative thought patterns into ones of joy
and peace.  She's given me the tools that I need to move forward and progress toward my ultimate goals.  
I've gone from a state of constant anxiety to one of calm, happiness and confidence.  Penny was truly a
After going through traditional therapy for a few years, I was feeling close to the same with not much

I was prescribed depression medication and found the side effects to outweigh the benefits, so I threw it

Then I found Circle One- Penny!

I had never heard of a soul retrieval, and had never really heard of using hypnotherapy as a form of

The soul retrieval was a life changer. I ended up letting  go of my job that I had just a week after the
soul retrieval, and then I had an amazing internship opportunity come up right after that! Amazing!

I am 100% a believer in hypnotherapy over traditional therapy now. It has made me happier, healthier,
and has brought me to my true life purpose- in just a few months.

If your feeling lost, or depressed, I HIGHLY recommend Penny.

It's also a lot more pocket friendly than traditional therapies. LM