Circle One - A Shamanic Way
    from here to there and back again
    helping you to be all you were created to be
The shamanic process is an ancient method (40,000 years old or so) of honoring the
energy of Spirit within us and around us.   Core Shamanic practices are global.   Shamanic
healing works on the energetic body, which affects the physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual bodies.  Shamanic services performed in A Shamanic Way include energy work,
Soul Retrieval, extraction, cord cutting, chakra balancing and alignment, past life
regression, Reiki, and more.  

Energy work is typically performed without ritual.  Energy work performed in A Shamanic
Way is performed with ceremony, music, singing, chanting, drumming, rattles, bells, flute,
or a combination of all.  It also includes journey work into non-ordinary reality to access
information from Spirit guides and animal totems.  The directions and the four kingdoms;
animal, plant, mineral, and human are honored and their energy is called upon as part of
the ritual.  

A Shamanic Way does not embrace any particular cultural tradition but it does incorporate
a bit of Native American flavor as the original Americans have a strong energy for those of
us living here, now, in this time.  As a person with some Native American heritage Penny is
drawn to performing these rituals in this way and tailors each ceremony to the needs of the
client while heeding what Spirit guides her to do.

Journey work performed by the Shamanic healer takes the practitioner into the Theta
brain wave that is typical of hypnosis and deep meditation.  It is in this altered state that the
practitioner has access to information for the benefit of the client.  Bringing back that
information, from Spirit guides and power animals, and sharing with the client is a key
element of Shamanic work.  

A journey to discover past life connections to the current life can be very helpful.  
Oftentimes Karma is being resolved, old business is finally being completed, and
agreements and contracts made between lives can be identified and more actively worked
on in this current life.

Making the same mistakes from life to life, remaining in patterns that no longer serve the
highest good, or just a general feeling of being stuck can be resolved through past life
regression.  It can also serve to help us recognize the people and relationships in our
current life.