Behavior can be altered using hypnosis and guided imagery to access the
subconscious.  A willingness to change behaviors and beliefs which no longer
serve you is crucial for moving forward in your life.  The list below gives you
a glimpse of beliefs and behaviors that may be standing in your way “to be all
you were created to be.”  

Hypnotherapy, therapeutic guided imagery, and/or Shamanic Healing are
modalities that will assist you achieving your desired changes.

•       Habit ControlSmoking Cessation, Nail Biting, Stuttering, Teeth Grinding,   
Are your habits no longer serving you?  Let hypnotherapy guide you to
resolving your incongruent habits; habits that you do subconsciously but
that you want to alter or stop on a conscious level.

Career Motivation, Maximizing Earning Potential, Goals, Time Management,
Sales Skills, Career Change
Is your career or the way you make your way in the world lacking
something?  With the assistance of hypnotherapy your efforts of making a
living in today’s world can be altered, maximized, or made more efficient and
more enjoyable.

Weight Management  Eating Disorders, Relationship to Food and Body
Weight and Body Relationship issues are critical issues for many?  Let
hypnotherapy help you balance and stabilize your relationship to food, your
body, and the world around you.

Fears and PhobiasFlying, Success or Failure, Loss of Control, Dentist,
Doctor, Heights, Water, Animals, Death
What’s going on when fear and phobic reactions interfere with your daily
living?  Hypnotherapy can help you identify and resolve these debilitating

Negative Feelings and EmotionsAnger, Anxiety, Fear, Frustration,
Guilt, Hurt, Sadness, Worry
Negative Feelings are the stumbling blocks to a healthy, happy, whole life.  
Reducing, resolving, or elimination negative emotions with hypnotherapy
pave the way to a happier and more productive life.

Relationship Strategies Spouse, Partner, Children, Friends, Yourself,
All relationships take work.  Some more than others.  If your relationship is
worth the effort to work it out, to define the issue beyond “who left the top
off the toothpaste,” hypnotherapy can guide you into an understanding and
acceptance of what your interpersonal struggles may be and how to best
resolve them.

LearningMemory, Focus, Retention, Test Anxiety, Study Habits, Motivation,
Education and Development are keys to making your life work for you.  Let
hypnosis and hypnotherapy give you full access to the 88%-90% of your
subconscious where all you that learn resides.  With access you will find the
answers easily and your motivation and focus will increase.

Self-Confidence and Self-EsteemSelf-Value, Self-Recognition, Self-
With Confidence and High Self-Esteem you will realize a much richer life;
one without the common pitfalls of self-doubt and fear of failure.  Let
hypnotherapy assist you in validating yourself for yourself.

Life-Altering Events Birth, Death, Divorce, Loss, Trauma, Relocation,
Mid-Life Crisis
Life is full of transforming events.  Many are the terribly traumatic and often
unavoidable.  With the modality of hypnotherapy these events can be
managed, kept in perspective, and worked through in a positive way.

Performance Anxiety and EnhancementSports, Public
Speaking, Career
Actors, sports enthusiasts, and those who find that speaking publicly is
difficult can be well served through hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  Working
with the subconscious through hypnosis allows resolution of the fear and
anxiety in a productive and efficient way.

Health and RejuvenationPain Management, Recovery, Enhanced
Life is not very fulfilling if it is spent in pain, illness, or fatigue.  
Hypnotherapy and therapeutic guided imagery utilizes the subconscious
mind to stimulate the mind-body healing connection.  It serves as a powerful
tool to access the body’s own defenses and physical management systems.

 Relaxation and Stress Management
Who isn’t stressed?  Who couldn’t use some deep relaxation to enhance their
day, their life?  Hypnosis and guided imagery provide a state of deep
relaxation and stress management.

 Children’s Issues Fear, Behavior, ADD, ADHD, Autism
Children live in a world that is demanding, confusing, frustrating, and
sometimes fear filled.  Hypnotherapy can provide access to tools which can
allow fear and frustration to fall away, behavior to be modified, and give
parents and their children a brighter future and develop a better
interpersonal relationship.

Forgiveness of Self or Others
Our biggest critic is oneself.  What we do and what others do is often the
object of great judgment.  Access to the subconscious through hypnotherapy
can put things into perspective, provide tools for management of guilt and
remorse, and allow the “letting go” of past hurts or wrongs; either our own or

Sexual Problems and Difficulties
Issues in the bedroom are often the most difficult to acknowledge or discuss.  
Even with oneself.  Fortunately most of these issues, as insurmountable as
they may seem to be, can be addressed with hypnotherapy quite

AddictionsAlcoholism, Self-Medication, Substance Abuse, Sexual, Exercise
Any type of addiction is non-productive behavior.  Addressing the reasons for
addiction and rebuilding negative behavior into a positive life style through
hypnotherapy can provide you with a meaningful productive life.

Sleep ProblemsFalling Asleep, Staying Asleep, Disruptive Sleep, Dreams
Without good sleep your day can go downhill fast.  Addressing sleep issues
through hypnotherapy will restore your sleep to a healthy pattern and
provide you the energy you need to have a productive day.

Spiritual GrowthUnderstanding your place in the Universe, Finding a
meaning to your life, relating to your own Spirit and those around you.
In today’s age of insecurity and confusion, finding our relationship to our
own self and the greater Self through Spiritual Enlightenment is extremely
helpful and comforting.  Hypnotherapy and/or Shamanic Healing can
provide access to the innate wisdom within you linking to your Higher Self
and the Universe.

Self HypnosisMyth and Fact
Self-hypnosis is often a misconstrued and misunderstood technique and as
such results are frequently less than expected.  A hypnotherapist can teach
you an effective and productive self-hypnosis technique that will serve you
for the rest of your life.
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